Valspar® Cabinet and Furniture Oil-Enriched Enamel

Valspar® Cabinet and Furniture Paint dries to a smooth factory-like finish and stands up to daily use leaving a fade-, scratch-, and scuff resistant finish. Most projects will require little-to-no prep work. The oil-enriched formula provides exceptional durability with no brush marks.

  • OIl enriched enamel
  • Strong, factory-like finish
  • Fade-, scratch- & scuff- resistant
  • No sanding or priming needed
  • Soap-and-water cleanup
  • Tintable to 1000+ colours




857 - 946 mL / 1 Quart

3.78 L / 1 Gallon


27 m²/3.78 L - 37 m²/3.78 L

(400 sq. ft. per gallon)


  • Usage
    Bare wood, previously painted wood or metal in sound condition, and properly prepared laminate.
  • Prep
    Thoroughly clean the surface and allow to dry. Remove wallpaper and loose, peeling paint. Remove gloss from shiny surfaces. Patch cracks and spot prime prior to painting.For best results on heavily stained areas, apply one coat of an appropriate interior latex primer.Wood: Sand wood smooth and patch holes and imperfections with wood filler or putty and sand smooth. Remove all sanding dust. Prime new and bare surfaces with Valspar® Int/Ext Bonding Primer before applying the finish coat(s).Metal: Remove all oil, grease, dirt and oxidation from surface. All bare metal surfaces should be primed with Valspar® DTM Acrylic Primer or Valspar®Anti-Rust Primer.
  • Application
    Stir paint thoroughly. Intermix containers to ensure uniform colour. Apply with a premium-quality roller or polyester brush. Note: Two thin coats are required. Bare wood and some deep or bright colours may require an additional coat to obtain complete hide. Surface conditions and application technique can also impact coverage. Allow to dry thoroughly before recoating or use.
  • Dry Time
    Dry Time @ 25 °C (77 °F) and 50 % Relative Humidity
    To The Touch: 4 hour - 4 hour
    Recoat: 8 hour - 12 hour
  • Clean-up & Disposal
    Clean up with warm, soapy water. If product has fully dried, you may need mineral spirits.
Application Temperature
10 - 32 °C (50 - 89 °F)
Recommended Coats
2 coats
Dry To the Touch*
4 hour - 4 hour
8 hour - 12 hour
*Dry Time @ 25 °C and 50 % Relative Humidity

Data Sheets

Download the product data sheet (PDS) and safety data sheet (SDS) for your Valspar cabinet furniture oil-enriched enamel.

Product Number Sheen Base Container Size SDS PDS
042397706677 Satin Ultra White 946 mL
(1 Quart)
042397706684 Satin Base 4 857 mL
(1 Quart)
080047028120 Satin Base 1 3.78 L
(1 Gallon)
080047028137 Satin Base 4 3.78 L
(1 Gallon)