Valspar® Colour-Changing Ceiling Paint

Painting a ceiling is a challenging job. Never miss a spot with Valspar Colour Changing Ceiling Paint and Disappearing Purple technology. It goes on a light purple colour so you can see what you've covered. It then dries to an ultra white, super flat finish with no glossy glare maximizing the light in any room and concealing flaws in one coat.

  • Disappearing Purple - goes on purple, dries ultra white
  • Maximizes light in any room
  • Super-flat finish conceals flaws in one coat
  • Spatter-resistant formula glides on with ease
  • Super-flat finish - no glossy glare
  • Lifetime warranty




3.78 L / 1 Gallon


27 m²/3.78 L - 37 m²/3.78 L

(400 sq. ft. per gallon)



  • Usage
    Properly prepared durable texture or plain interior ceiling surfaces including previously painted and properly primed plaster, wallboard, sheetrock and acoustical tile. See surface preparation for "blown-on" soft-fibered ceiling surfaces.
  • Prep
    Thoroughly clean the surface and allow to dry. Remove wallpaper and loose, peeling paint. Remove gloss from shiny surfaces. Patch cracks and spot prime. Use Valspar Bonding Primer Sealer to seal waterstained areas or stains from smoking.
  • Application
    Stir paint thoroughly. Intermix containers to ensure uniform colour. Apply with a premium-quality roller, polyester brush or airless sprayer. Paint the ceiling, rolling from dry area into wet area using firm, crisscross strokes. Finish with long, even strokes in one direction. At first, the paint will be a light purple colour allowing you to see where you have painted. The purple will disappear as the paint dries, being replaced by the customary white colour.
  • Dry Time
    Dry Time @ 25 °C (77 °F) and 50 % Relative Humidity
    To The Touch: 30 minute - 60 minute
    Recoat: 2 hour
  • Clean-up & Disposal
    Clean up with warm, soapy water
Application Temperature
10 - 32 °C (50 - 89 °F)
Recommended Coats
1 coats
Dry To the Touch*
30 minute - 60 minute
2 hour
*Dry Time @ 25 °C and 50 % Relative Humidity

Data Sheets

Download the product data sheet (PDS) and safety data sheet (SDS) for your Valspar colour-changing ceiling paint.

Product Number Sheen Base/Color Container Size SDS PDS
042397706271 Flat Ultra White 3.78 L
(1 Gallon)